Company Profile

CTC Insulator: A composite insulator manufacturer in Dalian China.
CTC Insulator started in the year 2002.
The CTC Insulator Mark registered in China Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce in year 2005.

CTC Insulator's products as follows:
Composite insulator
         Hollow insulator 33kV to 800kV
         Station post insulator 11kV to 800kV
         Pin type insulator 11kV to 66kV
         Line post insulator 11kV to 245kV
         Long rod, suspension insulator, tension insulator, dead end insulator11kV to 1000kV
         Hybrid station post insulator 66kV to 1000kV(porcelain core silicone rubber housing)
         Railway insulator
         M.V Epoxy Resin Bushing 11kV to 36kV

CTC Insulator's products regular supplied to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, ect.