Composite Braced Post Insulator

Composite Braced Post Insulator  

1474614112104115.jpg Used for distribution and high voltage transmission line, applicable for heavy pollution areas.
1474614112104115.jpg System Voltage: 11kV, 33kV, 66kV(69kV), 132kV, 245kV
1474614112104115.jpg Specified Cantilever Load (SCL): 1-20 kN
1474614112104115.jpg Color: Brown, Gray, or Customer’s requirement
1474614112104115.jpg Applicable Standard: IEC, ANSI, CAN, BS, AS, IS or Customer requirement



1474614112104115.jpg Reduce the size of tower, save construction cost

1474614112104115.jpg Light weight, small size, easy for transportation and installation

1474614112104115.jpg High cantilever strength, good performance for seismic shock resistance

1474614112104115.jpg Super performance for anti-pollution

1474614112104115.jpg Low maintenance cost