M.V Epoxy Resin Bushing

M.V Epoxy Resin Bushing  

M.V.Epoxy Resin Bushing  is new generation for replacement of traditional can be used on indoor or out door, transformer, circuit Breaker and other electric apparatus.
  Main insulation (Inner insulation): oil-free compact novel insulation material;
  External insulation: HTV vulcanized silicone rubber housing.
Applicable Condition: 
   Altitude is not higher than 1000 meters.
   Using environment temperature is from -40℃ to +40℃.
   Pollution level: heavy pollution area.


 1474614112104115.jpg No oil leaking, would be installed at any angle.

1474614112104115.jpg Excellent performance of anti-pollution, high temperature resistance, ageing.

1474614112104115.jpg Super explosion-proof, and seismic shock resistance.

1474614112104115.jpg Without oil, conform to the trend of developing of clean power.

1474614112104115.jpg Light weight, smaller in size, easy for transportation and installation.

1474614112104115.jpg Long serving life, short lead-time.