Composite Station Post Insulator

Composite Station Post Insulator

   1474614112104115.jpg Used for outdoor substation, distribution device as well as electrical equipments.
   1474614112104115.jpg System Voltage: 11kV, 33kV, 66kV(69kV), 132kV, 230kV, 400kV, 500kV,800KV
   1474614112104115.jpg Specified Cantilever Load (SCL): 2-20 kN
   1474614112104115.jpg Color: Brown, Gray, or Customer’s requirement
   1474614112104115.jpg Applicable Standard: IEC, ANSI, or Customer requirement

   1474614112104115.jpg Applicable Condition: environment temperature from -50℃ to +50℃, altitude from 0 ~ 4000 meters above sea level, and medium & heavy pollution area, especially for heavy earthquake areas.


1474614112104115.jpg Light weight, small size, easy for transportation and installation

1474614112104115.jpg High cantilever strength, good performance for seismic shoc  resistance and brittle fracture resistance

1474614112104115.jpg Super performance for anti pollution

1474614112104115.jpg Low maintenance cost

         Consist of silicone rubber housing, fiberglass rod and end-fittings. For system voltage 220kV and above, recommend corona rings for one or both ends. Also it’s available if some applications required corona rings for lower system voltage.


Production Process


           Injection process, which keep the core and housing strongly bonded without any space, with best internal insulating performance, and could avoid the puncture occurred on interface.