Who We Are

CTC INSULATOR is a composite insulator manufacturing company based in Dalian, China. Starting in 2002 and becoming an LLC in 2016, CTC Insulator has more than 100 employees with approximate annual sales of 9.4 million dollars. We export products to more than 20 countries and regions in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

OUR Products

We produce a wide range of composite insulatos to meet your needs.   

Epoxy Resin Bushing

Hollow Insulator

Station Post Insulator

Line Post Insulator

Line Long Rod Insulator

Composite Railway Insulator

CTC Insulator, Americas

CTC Insulator, Americas is an affiliate of Dalian CTC Insulator Co., Ltd. that strives to enhance the customer experience in North and South America. Our efforts focus on simplifying supply chain challenges through local distribution means so we can offer the same quality of products and services in the Americas.