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Dalian CTC Insulator Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturer of composite insulator including composite hollow insulator, composite post insulator, epoxy bushing. CTC Insulator started in 2002 from Dalian Ceramic Technic Co., Ltd. The CTC mark registered in China by the year 2005 for insulator field.

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For over a decade, CTC Insulator Co., Ltd. has been a globally trusted brand and partner with various public and private utilities and utility contractors. Our widespread recognition of quality assurance, product technology, and brand awareness allows us to maintain long-term cooperation with many regional power companies and multinational power engineering companies. CTC exports products to more than 20 countries and regions in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Our factory can conduct product tests and inspections according to national standards and a variety of international standards such as IEC, ANSI, BS, CAN, etc. Our products can meet most of the standard design tests and material tests, such as ultraviolet aging test, hardness test, flame-retardant test, tracking test, leakage current test, etc. Our factory has a physical and chemical laboratory and a high-voltage test hall. There is a variety of testing equipment in the physical and chemical laboratory that can test the performance of multiple product raw materials. The test equipment is calibrated by a third-party organization every year. Many domestic and foreign customers have frequently visited our factory to conduct acceptance and verification tests.


32 Guangyuan Street, Lvshun Economic Development Zone, 116045, P.R.China





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